Congratulations to the 2017 Winterguard!
Bailey Britt
Dharma Edwards
Ariel Fletcher
Tameelah Gladney
Kaylee Grace
Tamara Greenlee
Lacey Greenlee
Lon'Tayshia Griffin
Terriaua Ickom
Brianna Johnson
Makayla Jones
Ariel Kendrix
Delaney McKinnon
Bailey McRae
Mia Munoz
Katie Rodgers
Britney Rutherford
Hannah Smith
Anissa Terry
Zahria Woodard

4A State Champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kosciusko School District Texting Service
  This service will help you stay connected to important school alerts that will come straight to your phone whether it is an Android or IPhone. Follow the instructions below to become a part of this service:

Go to the place where you would TEXT a message to a friend.
In the "To" field, type the numbers 95577
In the body of your text message please type KSDband, (Please do not put a space between KSDband), NOW Tap SEND....
You should receive (2) two welcome messages from your phone.
The last one will ask you to reply with your full name.
Please text your full name and tap send and you are connected.

  (662) 289-2334 Band
GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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