Fridays game will be at Leake Central. Leave KHS at 5:30 and return at 10:15.

Parents and students the new uniform top will fit differently than our old uniform coats. They will be tighter and shorter.  

2016-2017 Big Red Section Leaders
Drum Major: Josh Ellard
Flute: Heather Hazlett
Clarinet: Kimberly Evans & Jada Gilmore
Saxophone: Natalie Howell & Drew Gant
Trumpet: Thomas Brunt & Brennan Hill
Mellophone: Jordan Wallace
Trombone: Josie White
Baritone: Chris Curry & Wade Fiedler
Tuba: Eli Starns
Drum Captains:
Snare: Taylor Sims & Davion Harmon
Tenor: Britt Grace
Bass: Daniel Garland
Front Ensemble: Camron Fair & Marlee McBride

Kosciusko School District Texting Service
  This service will help you stay connected to important school alerts that will come straight to your phone whether it is an Android or IPhone. Follow the instructions below to become a part of this service:

Go to the place where you would TEXT a message to a friend.
In the "To" field, type the numbers 95577
In the body of your text message please type KSDband, (Please do not put a space between KSDband), NOW Tap SEND....
You should receive (2) two welcome messages from your phone.
The last one will ask you to reply with your full name.
Please text your full name and tap send and you are connected.

  (662) 289-2334 Band
GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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